Hello, I'm Ula Kustra and I'm a Unreal Engine lover and a video game developer.

In the video game industry, I used to work as a Technical Designer, but now I prefer working as a Gameplay Programmer. I'm also interested in UI and Tools programming, and a bit of Technical Art.

Currently, I work at Reikon Games. I'm also the creator of Aasura Project. However, if you have any business to discuss, feel free to contact me!

(secretly dreaming of moving to Tokyo or Singapore someday)



The list of projects I created or worked on. Hover/tap the picture to see the project's description.

Final Form (Working Title)

An upcoming Sci-Fi FPS I currently work on at Reikon. My responsibilities: mainly gameplay programming/technical design, some UI programming and some technical art features.

Workshop Simulator

I did some minor programming work here as a part-time developer.

Space Punks

A top-down shooter I worked on at Flying Wild Hog. I was mainly responsible for audio-related features.


A narrative 3D platformer and puzzle game. The game was created almost entirely by myself. NOSTOI participated in Indie Gala Hump Day Bundle #64.

Kittens’ Maze

A simple F2P platformer game with a local PvP. The game was created almost entirely by myself.

Game Assets

World Objects Aggregator

UE5 code plugin. Allows an access to world objects without iterating all objects spawned in the level.

Polygon Procedural Mesh

UE5 code plugin. Expands procedural mesh utilities to generate any polygon mesh procedurally.

Custom Stencil State Machine

UE5 code plugin for a convenient Custom Stencil management, based on Gameplay Tags instead of raw values.

Surface Footstep System

Free Unreal Engine code plugin for generating different footstep FXes, depending on the Surface Type. Available on UE Marketplace.

Cartoon Cel Shading Post Process

Unreal Engine post-process materials. An extremely easy to use and customize non-emissive, toon shading post process. Available on UE Marketplace.

Reversing Time System

Unreal Engine blueprint. An easy to edit drag-and-drop system, which allows to rewind actors’ locations in real time. Can be used in order to create physical puzzles or visualisations in your games. Available on UE Marketplace.

Banshee Voice Pack

Ghost woman voice over phrases for RPG, horror or action games. Available on UE Marketplace and Unity Asset Store.


Voice Combat

A project created for my bachelor thesis. It is a simple fighting game with a voice control. Developed in UE4, based on free assets.

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